Pedigree and Breeding

All pups are guaranteed to be trainable. Every pup is vet checked before shipping and good hips are guaranteed. All females are natural gun dogs and not brewed bitches. All dogs are given heart worm medicine on a regular basis and are excellent family dogs.

The Type of Male You Want

By Bob Bailey

Old fashioned things still work! A good sire and a good dame will have good pups. I believe that a good stud dog should be your best hunting dog in your kennels. He does not have to be a champion of field trials, but he must be a good bird dog and must have good hunting ability in the field in every way. He should be natural to point, back, and retrieve on his own. If you want natural pups from him, he should hunt to the front and handle good and hunt with you. He should have a good nose, good style and disposition, not a fighter – they are hard to handle. He must have good conformation with a straight back and straight legs. He should have a good pedigree and you should know his sire and dame and how they hunted. Then you can breed him to a good female that is compatible to him and get good pups This is how you breed so that your puppies have an instinct to love birds.

The Type of Female You Want

By Bob Bailey

You want a dog with a lot of point and natural to honor you and retrieve well. You want a dog that likes to hunt for you. I would never breed a female until she is trained. Also, I would want a female with good conformation. (A good body build, straight tail, wide, deep chest, box square muzzle.) It is also important that the female has good intelligence and good style. I would certainly never breed a nervous or shy female. These things come back home to you. In 40 years of breeding and training different breeds of dogs, I have seen and am convinced that you need to breed the best hunting female in your kennels if you want the best puppies.

Breeding or Mating Two Dogs

By Bob Bailey

First, I would try to breed dogs that are compatible with each other. I believe the female has more to do with the puppies than the male. Most of the puppies will take traces back after the mother and act like the mother. With my 40 years of experience training whole litters, you can see this in the puppies. Therefore, I would breed only the best female -- one that performs well in the field. I would try to breed a female that hunts strong and in front of you and has as much natural ability as possible.